Transforming Homes into Dream Homes with Custom Drapery in Houston, Texas

Reimagine Your Home

                                     with Custom Drapery and Bedding

Discover how beautiful your home can be with Custom Drapery by Maribel in Houston, Texas. We will transform your home by providing breathtaking blinds, upholstery, and floral arrangements. Also, we offer assistance selecting the accessories to bring it all together. Contact us to learn more about our interior design consultation and high-quality fabrics.
Maribel Ruiz, Custom Drapery in Houston, TX
Maribel Ruiz—Designer/Owner

Personalized Service
Unlike other companies that work on volume, we believe every client deserves personalized attention and service. To this end, Maribel herself will be with you every step of the way from fabric and accessory selection to the day your custom drapery is installed. Maribel realizes that precise measurements and a perfect installation are just as important as the fabrication process itself.

About Us
Maribel, a native of the province of Cantabria in Northern Spain, discovered her passion for creative interior design as a child when she began sewing alongside her grandmother. After receiving extensive formal training and certification, she went on to further develop her custom drapery talents at a leading high-end boutique in Santander, Spain. After marrying and starting a family, Maribel immigrated to the United States. Choosing to forgo a position on fifth Ave in New York City, Maribel settled in Houston, Texas, where she founded Custom Drapery by Maribel in 1993.

Custom Drapery and Bedding
Turn to our custom drapery and bedding company for window coverings and window designs. With Maribel's combined 25 years of experience in Europe and Texas, in all types of interior design projects, she has had a tremendous impact on the lives of her clients.
We successfully transform homes into dream homes, offering:
 • Custom Drapery
 • Custom Bedding
 • Upholstery
 • Blinds and Shutters
 • Flower Arrangement
 • High-Quality Fabrics
 • Interior Design

Contact us at (866) 723-0686 in Houston, Texas,
to schedule an in-home consultation to discuss
your custom drapery and bedding needs.


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